A healthy approach to life for Lincoln Grove’s Kevin

The key to longevity and happiness is a good diet and exercise according to Kevin Simmons, who turns 90 this month.

RetireAustralia Lincoln Grove Retirement Village Port Lincoln South Australia independent living unit residents Kevin and Beryl Simmons

Lincoln Grove independent living unit resident Kevin, whose wife of 68 years, Beryl, also turned 90 this year, has drank very little and never smoked in his life, and keeps a close eye on his sugar intake.

“Hopefully we can stay happy and healthy to enjoy many more years,” he said.

A joiner by trade, the South Australian was born in Port Lincoln and lived there all his working life, except for a five-year stint in Leigh Creek where he worked for an electricity supplier.

“I had to give up being a joiner because of back problems after I did too much lifting as a young bloke,” he said.

“At that time all the fit young men were away fighting the Japanese or the Germans and there were only older men left, so any heavy lifting fell on us young peanuts!”

Three children, six grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren later, the couple are still maintaining their decades-old focus on good health.

“We used to have adverts coming on the television saying that a glass of red wine a day with your meal was beneficial, and I asked my doctor if it was true or just advertising,” he said.

“He said it was advertising, and, since then, we haven’t had any alcohol.”

Since moving to Lincoln Grove two and a half years ago, the couple have enjoyed the convenience and security of village life.

RetireAustralia Lincoln Grove Retirement Village Port Lincoln South Australia Boston Bay view retire independent living

“We were living at a little seaside resort ten kilometres outside of Lincoln, and our children were getting worried as we had some health problems and we were a long way from them,” Kevin said.

“We went with the kids for a drive around Lincoln and we came into the village, chatted with the village manager, had a look around the place, and bought it straight away.

“The advantages are that it’s just a stone’s throw from the hospital, it gives us safety, and it’s close to the middle of the town so we hardly use the car any more.”

Beryl turned 90 on 12th July, and a low-key family celebration marked the occasion.

“The kids picked a spot halfway between Beryl’s birthday and mine, and we all went down to a hotel on Saturday lunchtime and had a dinner together.”

The couple are staying as positive as ever as they enter their tenth decade.

“Beryl plays bingo and putt-putt golf to keep herself busy and active,” Kevin said.

“I’m a member of the RSL and the National Services Association, and going to meetings there and talking to the chaps gives me enough to do.

“Even at 90 we’re looking forward.”

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