Older Australians embrace retirement living during the pandemic

Independent living in a retirement village during a global pandemic is a safe alternative for older Australians who could benefit from the extra support and social connections.

For retirees living alone during the pandemic, times are certainly challenging.

Everyday tasks, like buying groceries, keeping in touch with friends and family or going to appointments, are particularly hard. Many retirement village residents are also grappling with feelings of isolation and stress, especially since the aging population is more vulnerable to complications from COVID-19.

As older Australians continue to flatten the curve by staying home and ensuring physical distancing, it may seem counter-intuitive for seniors to consider other living arrangements.

However, despite the trials of COVID-19, retirement communities like The Verge at Burleigh G.C. have proven to be a sound alternative for retirees.

Village Manager Carolyn Verner said The Verge’s independent living residences already adhered to rigorous standards to ensure the health and safety of residents with the ability to quickly react and adapt as situations arise – like a global pandemic.

If you or someone you love are unsure whether now is a good time to move into a retirement community, these benefits may provide you with some peace of mind.

Your health, safety and wellbeing taken care of

Before COVID-19 took hold, older Australians that remained in their homes often shared common worries, like contracting the seasonal flu or suffering a fall. But with the pandemic, other deeper concerns have arisen, causing a great deal of worry and stress for themselves and their families.

Keeping up with one’s health and wellness during a pandemic can be more difficult while living alone.

But at The Verge, health and safety are streamlined, providing an extra layer of protection for residents.

This includes services like on-site health professionals, village support staff, safety and sanitation protocols, physically distanced social opportunities and fitness programs.

And when extra support is needed, Ms Verner said in-home services including personal and clinical care are available.

The Verge also offers residents access to a Wellness Centre with a gym, consultation rooms for allied health professionals, indoor and outdoor activity areas, and a café.

“All retirement communities also have emergency preparedness plans in place to respond to an outbreak, whether related to influenza or other illnesses. Because of these well-thought-out protocols, many residents feel safer living in a retirement community, even during a pandemic,” Ms Verner said.

Extra support when you need it

Whether it’s attending medical appointments, picking up prescriptions or simply getting one’s hair done, everyday errands during a pandemic can be daunting for older Australians that live alone. Long wait times, social distancing protocols and crowded stores are hard to navigate.

At The Verge, independence and freedom are always priorities, even during the times when you or your partner may require assistance. RetireAustralia offers a wide range of personalised Home Care Services to residents at The Verge, helping make life a little easier and a lot more relaxed.

“Needing care shouldn’t mean sacrificing who you are or the things that bring quality to your life. Our care services and care professionals are here to enable you the flexibility to continue life your way,” Ms Verner said.

You can choose from a range of services including personal care, domestic support and clinical care, which can be tailored to your individual needs, and funded privately or if eligible, through a government funded care package.

Social connections

Studies have shown that social connections can have a positive impact on older residents’ health.

“We know from our own research that people are looking to form friendships and socialise more when they move into a retirement living, which can have a profound effect on their wellbeing and slowing the clock,’’ Ms Verner said.

Being part of a vibrant community can also lessen feelings of isolation. At The Verge, residents have the option to join in on an array of regular social events including weekly happy hour, weekly table tennis tournaments, village bus day trips (not during lockdown), catch ups in the Tee House café, weekly Tai Chi and yoga classes and more.

Residents are welcome to be a part of all these social aspects of living within a safe and secure community, or they can choose to spend their time doing what they like – walking to the nearby beaches or spending time with family and four-legged friends in their own apartments overlooking beautiful surroundings.

The Verge is perfect for now, ideal for later. To book a COVID safe appointment with our friendly sales team please click here or call 1800 955 070.

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