Never a dull moment

Harwin resident Val Knight is a living testimony to how staying active and connected in retirement is key to a long and happy life.

Val Knight Right With Friend Pearl McGowan Harwin Retirement Village 2898

The English-born resident has enjoyed the village’s activities and events since she first arrived in 2012, and said the benefits are immense.

“To me, being busy is very important, and I think it is for the other residents too,” Val said.

“I’m doing something different every day, but I prefer to be busy because I think it keeps my brain moving.

“I arrange the activities at the village, but I don’t want any praise for it—I just enjoy doing it!”

Harwin is known for its social atmosphere and welcoming community, and residents enjoy relaxing in the village library and lounge, or spending time in the peaceful gardens.

A large part of the village’s appeal is due to the wide range of events and activities on offer, Val said.

“We have concerts, an exercise class, meditation class, we have a movie afternoon… there’s bingo, and there’s a billiards table that’s used often.”

She said taking part in activities and events was a good way to connect with other residents, and that money raised during events was used for future events.

“We like to have as many people as possible coming to the concerts and things like that,” she said.

“Any money we make goes towards things like our Christmas raffles and our Melbourne Cup lunch.”

Val said resident participation was voluntary but always welcome.

“There is a good balance of things that you can have here if you want, and there is a lot to do, if you want it,” she said.

“It’s good to do things that are for both the brain and the body.”

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