A tuneful time at Lincoln Grove

Residents of Lincoln Grove were treated to the tuneful talents of Port Lincoln Primary School’s band at an in-house performance last week.

Lincoln Grove Primary School Band

Eleven children played a selection of jazz numbers on brass, woodwind and percussion instruments to a roomful of captivated residents.

Village Manager Dianne Ottery said the performance was greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

“The residents loved having the kids play for them,” she said.

“The energy in the community centre was fantastic.”

Resident Denise Manuel said the children played with enthusiasm and were pleased to put their training to good use.

“They played with a lot of gusto and it was an entertaining time,” she said.

“They were so loud most of the oldies had to take their hearing aids out!”

The community centre at Lincoln Grove has been a hive of activity in the run-up to Christmas, with a variety of social gatherings and events on the festive calendar.

Port Lincoln Primary School’s band would be welcome back any time, Denise said.

“We look forward to seeing them again next year.”

For more information about Lincoln Grove, click here.

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