Independent living with a safety net

Community has never been more important, and the hardest times have brought out the best in our residents.

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Older Australians are well-known for their resilience, in fact we’ve marvelled at the lack of fuss among our thousands of residents while the rest of the world is in turmoil during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In some respects, this resilience is borne out of sheer life experience and the knowledge that navigating a path through life’s many ups and downs is simply part of the journey. But it’s also generational, and we consistently see examples in our villages of residents and communities coming together, staying positive, and dealing with challenges as they come.

The essence of this community spirit, and the sense of togetherness and security it fosters, is precisely what we’re talking about when we describe our retirement villages as ‘independent living with a safety net’.

Our villages are modern, but the sense of community is very much an homage to times past when neighbours genuinely looked out for one another. There really is always someone, usually many people, who care in a RetireAustralia village.

Adversity bringing out the best in our communities

Since the onset of the pandemic we’ve been lucky enough to witness some extraordinary acts of kindness, generosity and community by the residents and staff in our villages. These acts, large and small, have been vital to maintaining the health and happiness of so many.

To bring these wonderful stories to life, we launched the Good News Hub – a series of short stories that showcase the warmth, humour and creativity of our residents. From the ‘bored board’ at Bartonvale Gardens, to Wacky Wednesday’s at Harwin Estate and bear hunts at Wellington Manor, our staff and residents have pulled together in the best possible way.

It’s these small gestures and genuine community spirit that make all the difference when times are tough, and it’s why so many older Australians are looking for the safety net of a RetireAustralia village.

Safe appointments, property inspections and move-in procedures

When the pandemic hit our shores, we moved quickly to establish new protocols in our villages to ensure the safety of residents and staff. We also adapted the way we work to ensure new residents could safely attend sales appointments, inspect properties, and move in.

These protocols mandate that social distancing, personal hygiene and cleaning practices are strictly adhered to and go a long way to securing the safety of our villages for existing and prospective residents. We’re also facilitating virtual property tours and village tours for those who want to take extra precautions.

We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, but we’ll be riding out the storm day-by-day with our residents from beginning to end.

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