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Here’s a sneak peek of village life at our retirement communities across Australia. While every village is unique, they have one thing in common – a good news story to share.

Christmas in July gives us reason to celebrate!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas (in July) at Harwin and Bartonvale Gardens Retirement Villages!

Last week at Harwin, our wonderful team decked the halls with Christmas cheer and organised a special lunch for residents, who also got into the spirit by donning red and green themed attire and a hilarious array of elf hats!

Meanwhile, care apartment residents at Bartonvale Gardens were treated to a special Christmas lunch of their own – roast turkey with vegies and cranberry sauce...

At Murray Gardens, we bring the fun inside!

Residents at Murray Gardens in Albury are feeling the winter chill, with temperatures reaching a low of two degrees this week. ❄️ There are fantastic golf courses in the region, but playing a round of golf outside is less appealing when the weather is frosty.

So what are Murray Gardens residents to do? Well, thanks to Village Manager Robyn Anderson, residents no longer need to brave the icy temperatures, and can play golf indoors! Robyn worked with the on-site team of amazing care assistants to create this fantastic mini-golf course in our community centre...

A riot of colour blooms at Wellington Manor

Winter at Wellington Manor means a kaleidoscope of colour, clear blue skies, and stunning gardens.

So much so that resident Renate Smythe took time out to photograph some of the majestic flowers and plants that are currently in bloom. She even managed to capture a resident rainbow lorikeet, peeking its head out of the birdhouse.

Lovingly tended by a team of three expert gardeners, the gardens are looking particularly colourful this winter and are a hallmark of the village...

Give a ‘hoy’ for virtual hoy!

Monthly bingo mornings are a long-standing and much-loved tradition for the residents at Cleveland Manor. But when COVID-19 restrictions came into effect, residents were no longer able to get together to play.

This got resident Anne Ormerod thinking of new and creative ways in which residents could connect. It wasn’t long before she came up with the idea of a weekly game of ‘virtual hoy’. Hoy is a variation of bingo, but played with a deck of cards...

Noyea Riverside a hub for talented artists

It all started with a glass cabinet, in which Noyea Riverside residents planned to display some of their treasured possessions or items that sparked a special memory. But when Village Manager Darren Adams talked to the residents to hear their stories, a common theme emerged. He soon realised the village is home to a wealth of talented artists, and the idea of displaying residents’ artwork was born.

Darren quickly found a feature wall for the gallery,

Everything’s coming up roses at Murray Gardens

When residents at Murray Gardens gather for meals in the community centre, they’re greeted with the beautiful sight and scent of hand-picked roses. 🌹

That’s all thanks to two of our residents, Geoff Hughes and Muriel Damm. Geoff and his wife Nan bring a huge amount of colour and warmth to village life. Gardening aficionado Geoff helps other residents with their gardens, making sure none of the flowers go to waste. He also manicures the magnificent roses flourishing throughout the village grounds...

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